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Every year Panchawati Yoga Ashram and Nature Care Centre  publishes its  souvenir  by the name of Yogdhara. This booklet is compiled of many articles which are relating to Yoga and Ayurveda. It also includes yogic philosophy, breathing  techniques , the working of the internal body in yoga practice and more. The literature of souvenir making it very informative. Here, we aim to  provide a broader understanding of the practice of yoga and create awareness of how yoga can transform your life.  The importance of this book is that how in-depth the description are of swar kriya vigyan.


Rupantaran means reformation of a person in which a person is being taught the way to manage taught process through the process of yoga. The person who are in prison they also deserve a chance to live their life and earn their livelihood after they get released from imprisonment. This has been shown to the world by the Swami Ashutosh Acharya who took initiative to reform eighteen prisoner of Tihar Jail of Delhi. He taught them the way to manage their thought process and also showed them that still there is chance to live a life once again. This has been also appreciated by the Honourable Prime Minister Nadendra Modi and also the Alok Verma D.G of Tihar jail currently chief of Crime branch of Investigation.