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1st International Day of Yoga

Tihar prison (Ashram) is the biggest prison of South-East Asia. Large number of prisoners approx. 10,000 inmates are incarcerated here. Nobody is a born criminal. However many a times a prisoner commits crime due to certain circumstances, a momentary loss of judgment beyond his/her control, instead of steering retribution and deference contemporary penology favours reformation and rehabilitation. The noble thought introduced by PYNCC for the inmates of Tihar Prisoners that they are doing Yoga and many are dreaming Yoga Teachers’ course. Your contribution and support are very important for them and will to a long way in our endeavour to reform andSwami Ji has been spreading his knowledge of Yoga & Holistic Therapies by creating monthly training camps in India. Around thousands of people have been benefiting from these camps. One of his dreams has come true when on 21st June, 2015, under his supervision PYNCC conducted ‘World Yoga Day’ at Tihar Ashram. That day was declared as the ‘International Yoga Day’. PYNCC is proud to state that more than 10,450 inmates participated on ‘World Yoga Day’ and were awarded participation certificates. This achievement now features in ‘The Limca Book of Records’ as the biggest programme of its kind ever held in any jail in the world. suitably rehabilitate them in the society after their release.


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