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Benefits of Acupressure for Healthy Life

Acupressure has come out as a major
healer for even the patients of chronic diseases
like kidney and heart patient. In these cases
however, Acupressure therapy is given in the
guidance of the Doctor treating the patient for
the Chronic Diseases. According to the Scientific
research, pain or numbness in any part of the
body is the indicative of an ailment in the body.
Acupressure works on reliving the pain and
getting the senses back to the numbed part of
the human body.
To see the indication, first it is made
known to the patient how pain is felt. In our body,
there are certain chemicals known as
Endophrins. The signal of pain goes to the spinal
cord, from where it passes to the motor nerves.
This involves the reflex action with no
involvement of the brain. From here the pain
signal goes to the thalamus from spinal cord. It
is this point in the brain where pain is felt. This
imbalance of energy is treated by Acupressure.
Acupressure for Migraine : First of
all message your hair thoroughly. Now place your
thumb underneath the skull one either side of the
spinal column. Tilt your head back slightly and
press upward for 2 minutes while breathing
deeply. The point where you are pressurizing is
known as the Gates of Consciousness Point.
Place your fingertips in the center of the crease
behind each knee. Holding on to these points,
gently rock your legs back and forth for one
minute as you breathe deeply. When you’re done
let your feet rest flat on the floor, with your knees
bent, and relax. Repeat this method 10 times a
day to be relived of the pain.
Method of Acupressure: As per the
Acupressure Therapists, the body energy
circulates through 14 meridians at the surface
(on the skin) and 8 channels under the surface
(under the skin). The energy circulation begins
with the lung channel and passes through twelve
meridians which are related to major body parts.
The pain arises when this energy channel is not
properly circulated. The Acupressure therapy
works on channelizing this energy, thus treating
the patient and reliving him of all the pains. The
method of Acupressure is comparatively easy.
The point is to release the blocked energy from
the body, so that the pain is eased out. If you
want to treat a particular point then pressurize
that point using your thumb or any of the pencils
provided by the Acupressure. Now give an equal
time to the same point on the other side of the
body. The rule of Acupressure is that if a point is
tender, it will benefit from being pressed. Once
the point is pressed, the blocked point will release
energy from it. The point has to be pressurized
for about 20 minutes, with inclusions of 5 minutes
each. While you keep on pressurizing the point,
keep in mind that the next point has to has to be
less pressurized than the first one. You can use
fingertips, knuckles, or thumbs to press the ailed
One of the best ways to pressurize the
point is gripping the hand or feet or any other
painful body part with one hand and then
pressurizing the paining point. This way you will
have a better grip of the point you are pressurizing.
In Acupressure there are particular points for
every kind of ailment they treat. This Chart can
be had from the Acupressure Centers. But the
best way is first to learn the art of Acupressure,
then try it on oneself. Easy as it is, it can be learn
in a duration of a month.


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