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Inmates at Tihar Jail practise yoga by Pallavi Rebbapragada

Inmates at Tihar Jail practise yoga by Pallavi Rebbapragada

In many of Delhi jails, inmates are finding rehabilitation through meditation. On International Yoga Day, almost 15,000 prisoners are practising yoga.

Swami Ashutosh is on a stage in Tihar Jail.  He has been running a prison reform programme in 10 jails since 2015.
“What the mind fears the most is

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I have been teaching yoga thousand of westemers but I have tought yoga to thousand of Indian as well yoga has been established in the west due to their zeal in practice.
My human pride fuls that I can do everything. I can do everythings only when I am inspired,

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Yoga- The Soul Of Our Culture

Yoga- The Soul Of Our Culture

Translated from the Sanskrit, yoga literally means union. While there are many versions of what union really means, my personal favorite is by an early twentieth century yogi, Sri Krishna Prem. He tells us that “Yoga is the reuniting of our own individual soul with its eternal essence – universal

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I was asked by my friend to name the most
representative and all time great Book India
could gift to her brethren beyond her frontier
and the name in none other than “THE
PATANJALI.” The question of its
representativeness seeks to be answered. As
we open the

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Benefits of Acupressure for Healthy Life

Benefits of Acupressure for Healthy Life

Acupressure has come out as a major
healer for even the patients of chronic diseases
like kidney and heart patient. In these cases
however, Acupressure therapy is given in the
guidance of the Doctor treating the patient for
the Chronic Diseases. According to the Scientific
research, pain or numbness in

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Human beings consist of five distinct energy
sheaths called Panchakosha (“five sheaths”) from
root pancha, “five” + kosha, “body” – is the “five
bodies,” or discernible “aspects”) that surround
our jivatma. Each kosha vibrates at different
speeds, and they interact and overlap with each
other and are arranged successively

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