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I was asked by my friend to name the most
representative and all time great Book India
could gift to her brethren beyond her frontier
and the name in none other than “THE
PATANJALI.” The question of its
representativeness seeks to be answered. As
we open the book, we come across a very
heavy term ANUSHASAN, meaning
DISCIPLINE. A very heavy word indeed.
Every ‘YOGA’ guru starts his initials with
discipline in terms of food, sleep, talk,
movement, work and nearly all mundane affairs
of life. However, he allows his pupil to keep his
imagination and gracefulness unrestrained.
The present day yoga revolution in India
and abroad is hard pressed to unite human life
with the cosmic design of life universal. The
second aphorism gives the valuable details of
the integration of every life with the universal
life. It prescribes restraining the instincts &
impulses. What a representative and universal
panacea of all social environmental and physical
ills! Restrain and discipline make mankind
divine. The earth is restrained and discipline to
revolve round the sun in a rhythm and this keeps
the music of life going on.
Human life (human body) is the gross total
of physical and subtle constituents. The great
task before the yoga guru is to streamline the
visible physical constituents to the universal
subtle consciousness. It start s from
concentration leading to samadhi after passing
phases logically arranged. It is not a uniform
geometry in all faith. The BHAGWAT GITA
prescribes three paths to attain yogic status
For Buddha the only and potent path is
KARUNA (compassion). The moment one
enters into the realm of karuna one finds himself
integrated with the great entity and eternity
descends on him. This unites the yogi with the
universal entity and sorrow side by side with
the happiness become unified. For a yogi sorrow
and happiness emanate from the one whole or
vanish in that.
Yoga opens the horizon of the eternity where
karma, gyan and bhakti merge into the one the
great OMKAR. The origin the middle and the
end merge into the whole unending and
unbegining universe. This makes the mundane
pursuit a routine giving the yogi bliss and
tranquility. A yogi transcends his transitory
boundary of faith and region. There remains no
barrier of caste, co lour and sex for yogi.
In real life situations, we find the great yogis
in different walks of life and professions. A book
on yoga will be incomplete if we miss our
contemporary yogis like BISMILLAH
MANGESHKAR. These mortals have made
there products immortal and yoga finds its
manifestation in their performance. I feel
tempted to name KABIR & NANAK in their
yogic perfection. For Kabir yoga was weaving


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