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Rupantaran Yatra -A New Chapter in Prison Reform


They were left with no courage to go out into the outside world. We had to prepare them to get out of the stereotyped environment they were confined to

Sudhir Yadav-DG Tihar Prison

Panchawati Yogashram and Nature Cure Center (PYNCC) has been associated with Prison reforms for a long time. For last one and half year, PYNCC has been actively involved in reforms activities at Tihar jail (Largest prison complex in South Asia) through Yoga and meditation.

Panchawati Yogashram and Nature Cure Center has been conducting Yoga, Meditation classes. recently Panchawati Yogashram and Nature Cure Center had organized a Spiritual tour “Rupantran Yatra – A new chapter in prison reforms” for Inmates of Tihar prison. 18 prisoners of Tihar had been selected to participate in 14 days “Rupantran Yatra” (Transformational tour) to Haridwar who have been in the jail for a long time, but neither gone out on parole nor on furlough. During the tour, inmates were exposed to spiritual discourse, Hindu rituals (Mundan, Upnayan sanskar, Rudra abhishek, Yagna, Holi dip in Maa Ganges etc.), Satsang, Bhajan/Kirtan, Yoga, Meditation, participation in langar (Kitchen), Gurukul lifestyle etc. to help transform their personalities.

First time in the history of Prison Reforms such an initiative has been taken. The objective of the program was to bring positive change in the lives of inmates through spiritual sermons, religious ceremonies, Yoga, meditation. Especially in external and peaceful environment, in holy abode, far away from the jail complex. The initiative has brought dramatic changes in concerned inmates lives, which would help them to become a better person and make easier for them to resettle themselves in the society post their release from prison.


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