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I have been teaching yoga thousand of westemers but I have tought yoga to thousand of Indian as well yoga has been established in the west due to their zeal in practice.
My human pride fuls that I can do everything. I can do everythings only when I am inspired, guided, and helped by the supreme.
Nuatuallyb, at the time, I thought that I was at the zenith of knowledge. But now I say light on yoga is bass and not the zenith. As time went on and my practice fimer and finer.
Fitness motivation at physical ans mental levels is only at the peripheral levels. This realized when the west was exposed to yoga. Yoga is a spiritual subject. Its total thrust is holistic and universal. Its aim is to develop absolute or casmic consciousness or to have the sight of the soul for looking in towards the interial sheaths of the body hence the quest of yoga is both within and without.
Sports mean competition. It has not always been a healthy spirit of competition. Steroids and drugs have become the way of life in Olympic competitions. Yoga cought the west by magic as it cultivates the ethics of fair competition and recognition of excellence, constition and ill feeling in competitive spart will gradually taper off.
Despite hilarious achievements in success of modam medicine and allopathy in particular the latest and the mast patent attraction of dimensions of therapeutic yoga.
A beginning has been made by taking the message of yoga to the various parts of the globle. Now it is the responsibility well as yoga joumals and periodicals to water and sapling to sprout into agigantic tree of yoga.
To keep the student disciplines through yoga training and it helps them in every walk of life. It is further a matter of pride to inform you that we are going t organize a yoga camp on the eve of “First World Yoga Day” i.e. on 21/06/2015 at “Tihar Central Jail” between 6 AM to 9 AM.
In this camp, Approximately 10,000 inmates will take party in yoga classes simultaneously.


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